Discover ideas and tools to inspire and celebrate Climate Leaders in your school and beyond.


Looking for ideas for activities? There are so many fun and inspiring ways you can help your students find their inner Climate Leader. Below are just a few to spark your creativity.

Green School Assembly

Build green momentum among pupils and teachers with an engaging assembly that informs about the issues and empowers with positive climate actions.​

You could extend the assembly with an interactive break-out session where students can brainstorm climate-friendly behaviours.​

If you’re feeling inspired, why not run a Climate Week and invite local Climate Leaders and interested parents to come in and run guest assemblies?

Download the Green School Assembly presentation and speaker’s notes.


Walk to school week

Show your community how united your young Climate Leaders are in the fight against climate change by inviting all your students to walk to school for a whole week.

Make it a fun five days by crafting a ‘walking bus’ for your students to carry.

You could also give parents the opportunity to polish up their Climate Leader credentials and ‘drive’ the walking buses.​

If you’d like to do this, don’t forget you’ll need to create an email to send to parents with consent forms.

The school play

Use your Climate Leader creativity to put on a brilliant environmental spectacle.

Your school play could look at themes of caring for the environment and how climate leaders through the ages have contributed to better ways to protect the environment.

If you know a budding writer, why not create an original script. For example, you could take your students on a journey to meet great Climate Leaders through the ages like Einstein, Leonardo and Boyan Slat.

Pupils can be encouraged to reuse materials and clothing for costumes and props. If you’d like to put on a play, you’ll also need to think about costume ideas, staging and recruiting a cast.


Get creative using these tools, including writing examples and ready-to-use social posts. They’re designed to help you share news and celebrate your school’s positive climate actions.

How to use Climate Leaders tools

Download the ‘How to use Climate Leader tools’ guide below for simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use our Climate Leaders tools and explain COP26 to others.


Social media carousels

Share these graphics on social media using the ‘carousel’ format (posts with multiple images) and help tell the story of COP26. Need help using them? You’ll find simple, step-by-step instructions as well as caption inspirations in the ‘How to use Climate Leaders tools’ document above.

Carousel 1: What is COP26?
This carousel is a brief COP26 explainer.  


Carousel 2: Celebrating climate action
This carousel is a call to action ahead of COP26. Help celebrate the people everywhere doing their part to tackle climate change.  


Zoom Backgrounds

Use these COP26-branded backgrounds to show your institution’s support for COP26 during your online events.


Instagram stickers

Search for our fun COP26 stickers in your Instagram stories when sharing your positive environmental actions. Read the ‘How to use Climate Leaders tools’ guide above to find out how.


The best climate resources from across the internet, covering everything from teaching students of all ages about climate change to how you can get your whole school climate ready.*

“Our Climate Our Future” created by WWF and partners

This pack will focus on COP26 and raise awareness and applied understanding of the Summit and climate change amongst young people across the UK. This pack will also include resources for schools to hold mini climate summits, and workshops to identify and plan individual and school actions. The former will include a fun interactive role-play-based lesson that introduces COP26 and will result in a ‘vision of the future’ created by the students. The latter will result in a ‘School Promise To The Planet’ for each school, setting out plans for the school to contribute positively to the transition to net zero. Schools across the UK are invited to take part in a ‘virtual forest’ of promises on 9th November, by decorating a real or constructed tree in their community with leaves created by students bearing their own promises to the planet, and the promises they would like to see made by World Leaders at COP. 

Visit WWF for more information

Blue Peter Green Badge

Become a Blue Peter Climate Hero by helping the environment and earning a Green badge. Upload your photos and artwork to show how much you care about nature, the environment and your planet. Find out how to apply for your Green Badge!

Talking to young people about the climate

Find thoughtful guidance on how to talk to young people about climate change on National GeographicWorld’s Largest Lesson, or Thought Box.

Make your whole school climate ready 

Institution-wide programmes for students and educators

Resources and short projects for Early Years and Lower Primary Schools

  • Inspire younger children to learn about the world through games, videos and teaching resources with Earthcubs
  • Younger children can take part in an art project to represent their love of nature with We Love Our Planet
  • Teach younger pupils to explore nature and wildlife with Wildlife Watch resources

Resources and short projects for Upper Primary and Secondary Schools

Climate animations featuring Kristen Bell (written by Myles Allen, David Biello and George Zaidan)

Content by TEDEd


  • Together, 57 million Scouts will take hands-on action to reduce climate change and urge world leaders to commit to ambitious targets and policies, and you can join too. #PromiseToThePlanet is a global, environmental, social action campaign open to all young people and adults, whether they’re currently involved with Scouts or not. 
  • Together for a Fair Climate Future – Sustainability First, in partnership with National Grid, has developed a series of workshop materials and activities on sustainability and climate action to inspire, educate and engage pupils.
  • Learning for Sustainability (LfS) – Approach to life and learning which enables learners, educators, schools and their wider communities in Scotland to build a socially just, sustainable and equitable society. 
  • Our World Our Impact – COP26 venue host, Glasgow Science Centre, shares interactive online events, discussions, videos, challenges and more.
  • NatWest’s MoneySense programme includes various resources to help kids learn about the link between saving money and saving the planet.  Later this year, they are launching a national competition to design a climate-focussed Top Trumps card.  Also part of MoneySense, “Island Saver” is a fun, free, full-size video game that teaches children about money whilst helping to clean up the environment.
Male teacher sat with children as they work

“The children across all schools are the voices of tomorrow. They are the ones that are going to make a difference.”

Simon Gilbert-Barnham
Principal, Ormiston Venture Academy

*Please note, the resources above and any associated products have not been produced or quality assured by COP26. Schools should always assess resources produced by external agencies carefully to ensure they are factually accurate, age appropriate, and in line with your school’s legal duties in relation to political impartiality.