Together for our Planet – the UK’s year of climate action

We cannot afford to wait to act against the threat of climate change. We must work together toA protect our planet and people and ensure a greener, more resilient future for us all.

The UK will host the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 with our partners Italy in November 2021 to bring together world leaders to commit to urgent global climate action.

But each of us has a part to play. That’s why, in the run up to the summit, we’ll be working closely with businesses, civil society groups, schools and people across the UK as part of our conversation on tackling climate change.

#OneStepGreener will showcase how people from all over the UK are already doing their bit on climate change, from the engineers working on the offshore wind farms now powering our homes and businesses, to local initiatives encouraging children and parents to walk to school. We want to celebrate them and inspire more to join them. Our intention is to create a mass movement of green steps across the country in the lead up to COP26, showing how small actions culminate in large collective action.


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