Everyday people across the UK are going #OneStepGreener – helping cut carbon emissions and make the UK and the wider world a greener, cleaner place. ​

We’re doing better than we might think at tackling climate change – driven not just by politicians and activists, but by individuals, community leaders and businesses playing their part too. People across the country are going #OneStepGreener and making positive environmental choices, every day. ​

Perhaps it’s a school that’s going above and beyond in greening their communal areas. Or a distillery that’s trying to go zero carbon. Or a small business that’s making the switch to low-carbon energy. Other people are buying electric cars or embarking on careers in green industries. It might even be a combination of multiple #OneStepGreener actions – this is about us all doing our bit.

The UK’s #OneStepGreener Climate Leaders instinctively see the wider benefits of doing these things – that a greener way of life means a healthier population, more jobs and a sustainable future for us all.

Meet some of our #OneStepGreener Climate Leaders and learn how they are making change in their daily lives:

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Portrait of Aceleron


See how Amrit and Carlton from Aceleron Energy are going #OneStepGreener by launching reusable, repairable and fully recyclable lithium-ion batteries

Portrait of Lara Edison at Encirc


Lara Edison of Encirc explains how the Chester-based company prioritises sustainability by using 100% renewable fuel and 100% recycled glass in their products.

Portrait of Jack Colbeck from JCS Fish

JCS Fish

From sourcing products locally to switching to electric vehicles, COP26 is inspiring Climate Leader Jack Colbeck’s seafood company JCS Fish to go #OneStepGreener

Portrait of Shane Neary at Neary Nogs Chocolate

Neary Nogs Chocolate

From its solar powered chocolate factory to ethically sourced cacao beans, Newry-based Climate Leader Shane Neary has put sustainability at the heart of Neary Nogs Chocolate.

Portrait of Dr. Faisal Ghani at Solariskit


Based in Dundee, #OneStepGreener Climate Leader Dr. Faisal Ghani has developed SolarisKit – an innovative product that helps consumers reduce emissions by decarbonising their heating.

Portrait of Elaine Ford at Electrek Explorer

Electrek Explorer

Elaine Ford has gone #OneStepGreener by launching the Electrek Explorer app which connects low carbon travel with beautiful nature spots for electric bike riders.

Portrait of Nicola Grahamslaw at SS Great Britain

SS Great Britain

In Bristol, Nicola Grahamslaw explains how she’s finding innovative ways to reduce the amount of energy it takes to keep the historic SS Great Britain healthy.

Welsh Ambulance Service

Welsh Ambulance Service

The Welsh Ambulance Service are aiming to become a carbon-neutral organisation. Here are the steps they are taking that make them #OneStepGreener Climate Leaders

Dame Jackie Daniel standing at the top of steps

#OneStepGreener Ambassador: Dame Jackie Daniel

One of our #OneStepGreener Ambassadors, Dame Jackie Daniel is Chief Executive of Newcastle Hospitals, the first NHS organisation to pledge to reach Net Zero Carbon.