Ahead of COP26 we worked with 26 #OneStepGreener Ambassadors; the extraordinary everyday people who are going above and beyond for the climate.

Our #OneStepGreener Ambassadors symbolise the very best in UK Climate Leadership and will inspire the public to follow in their footsteps.

Meet the #OneStepGreener Ambassadors

Our #OneStepGreener Ambassadors are taking action to protect the planet and guard against climate change across society. 

Cam Whitnall sat with an exotic bird

Cam Whitnall, TikTok Creator and TV Host

TikTok creator and CBBC & #39’s One Zoo Three host, Cam Whitnall is passionate about wildlife and hopes to inspire children on the importance of protecting our natural environment for future generations through his ongoing work at his family’s two wildlife charities and conservation around the world.

Portrait of Simone Giampaolo at work at a desk

Simone Giampaolo, Animation Director

Award-winning animation director Simone Giampaolo has spent the last 10 years in the animation industry. Simone believes film can be a powerful storytelling tool to educate people on the importance of nature and protecting the environment and has been recognised for his ground-breaking work such as Espero?Only a Child and Obki.

Portrait of Sabeha Miah with a bicycle

Sabeha Miah, Cyclist

Sabeha Miah encourages Muslim women and women of colour in Tower Hamlets to start cycling. Through her work with initiatives including Hubbub and Cycle Sisters, she has helped over 41 women learn to ride. As a result of the project, Sabeha now has a full-time position as Behaviour Change Officer at charity Sustrans, a charity helping more people to cycle.

Portrait of Lewis Howe on a beach

Lewis Howe, Scout

Lewis Howe is part of the Laurencekirk Scout Group and through his Scouting efforts, Lewis is taking positive action on the issues that matter most to him. Lewis is encouraging young people across Scotland to work together for the good of the planet by working with local MSPs and Scout Leaders to challenge every secondary school in Scotland to reduce food waste and use surplus food to create meals using environmentally friendly packaging for those in need.

Portrait of Jamie Quince Starkey

Jamie Quince Starkey, Founder of Down to Earth

Jamie Quince Starkey is the founder of Down to Earth (DTE) based in Derby. DTE is a collective re-connecting people to nature, teaching people how to grow their own food.

Jamie started growing his own food and started a movement in his local town to bring people together to grow on an allotment and has now created a shared community in the city to develop a mini Eden Project.

James Owen Thomas, Artist

James Owen Thomas is a student, passionate artist and committee environmentalist based in North Yorkshire. Earlier this year he joined The Tree Councils Young Tree Champion ambassador programme, and has since inspired thousands of Young Tree Champions in schools across the UK through his artwork which uses recycled materials to create mosaic-style collages that depict the natural world from landscapes to birds to trees. James, who is on the autistic spectrum, is leading engagement with Special Needs Schools for the Tree Council.

Portrait of Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, eco-conscious business owner

From signing up with an electricity provider who use renewable energy, to planting over 13 plants in his garden and travelling by bicycle, Aamir goes One Step Greener in everything he does.

He completed his university dissertation on transforming the dependencies of small communities from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and even simulated a wind turbine system for a rural village in Scotland. 

Portrait of Maria Antonieta Nestor

Maria Antonieta Nestor, A Toy’s Life and Beyond

Maria started an initiative called A Toy’s Life and Beyond in 2018, encouraging children, parents and carers to think about how we use and dispose of toys.

Through toy swaps and repurposing broken toys to make art, Maria teaches children about the circular economy and how their actions impact the environment.

Portrait of Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson, GB rower

Melissa, a GB Rower for seven years, has been helping athletes make a difference to climate change through the Champions for Earth initiative.

She has launched OLY Earth+ working with Team GB to create a green legacy for their participation in the Tokyo Olympics, designing a climate masterclass for athletes and bringing together over 80 Tokyo Olympians.

Portrait of Clare Every

Clare Every, vegan food blogger

Clare Every, aka ‘thelittlelondonvegan’, reviews vegan options worldwide making it as easy as possible for people to incorporate vegan food into their life.

Clare tackles the stigma that vegan food is boring, whilst encouraging restaurants to operate sustainably.

Portrait of Yimi, Waimi and Mbetmi Fongue

Waimi, Mbetmi and Yimi Fongue, clean champions

Yimi, Waimi and Mbetmi Fongue, from Nottingham, learned about climate change at school and wanted to do more to help. They go litter picking every week with their parents and inspire other children to help clean up their community. They were Nottingham Council’s first children Clean Champions.

Portrait of Siobhan McKenna

Siobhan McKenna, ReJean Denim

Siobhan set up her eco-friendly business Rejean Denim, creating unique handcrafted clothing designed from locally sourced textile waste and promoting a value driven relationship between customer and clothing. Rejean Denim enables customers to breathe new life into loved clothing using a modern twist on traditional techniques.

Portrait of Cathy Yitong Li

Cathy Yitong, youth activist

Cathy Yitong Li represents UNFCCC’s Youth and Women & Gender Constituencies in meetings with a focus on technology and finance. Cathy is also a youth advisor to the CEO of Global Center on Adaptation and sits in the finance unit of the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth. By profession, Cathy is an M&A Tax analyst at Deloitte’s London office.

Dame Jackie Daniel standing at the top of steps

Dame Jackie Daniel, NHS Trust CEO

Dame Jackie was appointed as Chief Executive of Newcastle Hospitals in March 2018 and she was recently named as one of the top five chief executives of the year in the HSJ Awards for 2021. Since then the Trust has retained its outstanding CQC status and has become the first NHS organisation to pledge to reach Net Zero Carbon.

Ade Adepitan, TV Presenter and Paralympic Medallist

Ade is passionate about protecting and preserving our environment, he has gone undercover with C4’s Dispatches, reported foreign affairs for Unreported World and more recently fronted the BBC Two Series, ‘Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline’ where he meets the people and places that have been affected by climate change.

Portrait of Toby McCartney

Toby McCartney, MacRebur CEO

MacRebur helps to solve the waste plastic epidemic, processing waste plastics destined for landfill or incineration and adding them into asphalt for road construction. Toby makes a conscious effort to make a difference – from wearing trainers made from waste plastics taken from the ocean, to founding multiple charities in the UK and abroad.

Alice Powell, Simulator Driver at Envision Virgin Racing (Formula E team)

The latest innovations in electric vehicle technology, alternative energy solutions and thrilling racing in the heart of some of the most beautiful cities in the world – that’s what Formula E is about. Alice started from the current season of the all-electric series and was the first female driver to win a Formula Renault Championship in 2012 and the first woman to score points in the GP3 series.

Jasmine Allen, Apprentice wind turbine technician at SSE

When she completes her training Jasmine will qualify as a wind turbine technician on the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm, helping generate green, renewable energy. Jasmine was inspired to find a career in energy by her grandfather who was an engineer and applied to SSE’s Apprenticeship scheme.

Sara Thompson, Founder of The Leith Collective

Sara provides a platform for artists to repurpose items that may otherwise have been destined for landfill. Leith Collective became the UK’s first single-use plastic free shop of its kind and was crowned runner up in the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Awards

James Lloyd-Jones, CEO and Founder of Jones Food Company

James designed and project managed the facility construction of JFC’s first farm. James’ advancements will enable vertical farming (soil-free farming technology which reduces the industry’s environmental impact) to become a mainstream agricultural practice. He is now working on the world’s largest hydroponic growing and production facility.

Rob Thompson, Founder of Odyssey Innovation 

Rob’s plastic Odyssey started in 2014 by organising a group of divers to clean-up a cove, recovering thousands of pieces of plastic. Rob  then set up Odyssey Innovation to convert plastic recovered from beach cleans and fishing nets into new products like kayaks

Ash Dykes, Adventurer and extreme athlete

Ash has won many awards including UK Adventurer of the Year and Welsh Adventurer of the Year Award. Ash is also the author of ‘Mission Possible’, an Amazon Best Seller. Ash has partnered with organisations such as WWF, Yibin Fishery Department, Water-To-Go, the British Consulate General and the Green Development Foundation, in order to share positive news of all the work being done to help protect and preserve the natural environment.

Max la Manna, Low-waste chef, author, BBC Earth food host

Max’s debut cookbook More Plants Less Waste was awarded the Most Sustainable Cookbook in 2020 by Gourmand. In 3 years, Max has captivated over 750k passionate and engaged audiences across his social media platforms.

Portrait of Hugo Chambers

Hugo Chambers, Sustainable Sourcing Manager and Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Sainsbury’s

Hugo’s job is to help reduce the impact of Sainsbury’s food on the planet, whether that’s by lowering the carbon footprint of products or ensuring the palm oil in their products do not contribute to deforestation.

Emer Rafferty, Youth environmentalist 

Emer is a passionate 17 year old  environmentalist and campaigner in her local community for the preservation of biodiversity and wildlife. She is an ambassador for Global Action Plan and also part of the Northern Ireland Strategy for Climate Action and a Climate Change Bill Stakeholder. Emer is also a member of the Our Bright Future Campaign with Ulster Wildlife.

Buffy Buroughs, The Green Gathering Charity’s Youth Trustee

Buffy studies Natural Sciences and is a youth trustee for The Green Gathering charity, which promotes sustainability via hands-on education and the arts. The Green Gathering festival is commissioned by and raises funds for the charity. Buffy works on the Clean Stream Resource Centre at this eco-friendly festival in Chepstow, encouraging people to learn more about their waste.