We can all play our part by going One Step Greener.

#OneStepGreener encourages people to take actions that have a positive impact on our environment. Simple steps we can take every day to make life more sustainable and they all add up. Explore our website to see the different ways people are going #OneStepGreener. We hope you will get involved too. Because the more people that go One Step Greener, the bigger impact we can have to tackle climate change. So, what are you doing to go #OneStepGreener?

Going One Step Greener

We can all go #OneStepGreener in so many aspects of our lives.

People are already getting involved – from Jasmine Allen working on an offshore wind farm that powers our homes and businesses, to the triplets Yimi, Waimi and Mbetmi Fongue litter picking every week with their parents and inspiring other children to help clean up their community, or Ambassadors such as Toby McCartney and Sara Thompson finding new purpose for items instead of throwing them away. It can even be as simple as us wasting less food by using leftovers to create new meals!

Get inspired and see what our #OneStepGreener Ambassadors are doing to make a difference:

Show us how you’re going One Step Greener

Now that you’ve read all about going #OneStepGreener it would be fantastic if you got involved yourself by taking part in our social media chain.

So, how can you be a part of the movement?

Use your social media account to post the actions you are taking. Your post may explain what you are doing, but even better is a photo or video that shows you are doing it. Be sure to include #OneStepGreener in your post. 

Once you have done that, nominate someone else to get involved by tagging them in your post and so that they can take part in the Chain too. Think of the people that you want to see go #OneStepGreener!

The idea is that a whole host of people form a chain of actions that demonstrates the different ways that individuals across the UK are going #OneStepGreener to create a mass movement of green steps across the UK.

Read our handy guide to creating posts, sharing your inspirational steps and nominating your friends, family and colleagues to join you.

Download the One Step Greener Chain participation guide

Hands holding freshly picked green beans

A lot of amazing people are already thinking about how they can go #OneStepGreener and sharing it on social media.

Take a look at the many different ways people are getting involved on our Get Inspired page.